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About Us

In 1975, a group of parents got together with the idea of forming a section of the club that was open to children and youths individually. The main idea was to provide something for children to do once school had finished, via the medium of sport; specifically, rugby league.

The meeting took place at the former Princess Royal at Blackbrook hence the clubs junior section became known as Blackbrook Royals

Initially, the age groups were mixed, but gradually, the club has seen 13 age groups form, from ages Blackbrook cubs/munchkins under 6s to our 18s. Success has come to the club since the formation of the Royals, with many age groups enjoying success through the regional leagues and cups (both the Lancashire Junior and North West Counties Cups) as well as the National Youth Cup. There are now around 200/300 youngsters playing at the club. However, perhaps a greater pride taken by the club is the number of youths who go on to play professionally.

Blackbrook have worked closely with professional clubs throughout the years and still remains and a number of players have become legends of the game and spent years at the royals or even a just a year but are still proud. Additionally, the club prides itself on allowing children to play the game under its registered coaches regardless of ability or disability, race and background d to put on the famous colours.

Legends of the game have played for the club and had extremely successful careers.

Notable examples of players who turned professional with St Helens via the club include Man of Steel Award winners Paul Wellens, James Roby and James Graham And players who have and are having or had extinguished super league careers in Matty Smith, Kevin Brown, Paul Clough, Lee Gaskell, Jack Welsby, Josh Jones, Morgan Knowles and people who have had a successful career super league and championship in Gary Wheeler, Ste Tyrer.

Currently a lot of former Blackbrook royal juniors are playing at various standards from super league, championship, division one and reserves, academy and scholarships.

Super League and youth

St Helens RLFC 1st Team -Jack Welsby, James Roby, Morgan Knowles, Jake Wingfield, Matty Foster, Daniel Moss.
St Helens academy-Cole Marsh, George Whitby, Daniel Frost, Rocco Talbot-Piggot
St Helens Scholarship-Rory Holliday, James Moss, Dec Lyon, Ewan Gilford, Luke Brighouse

Wigan RLFC 1st Team- Alex Sutton, Tom Forber
Reserves -Harrison Dean
Academy-Trent Kelly-Duffy, Dylan Kelly-Duffy
Scholarships-Nathan Benson, Nathaniel Twist, Joe McGann

Hull 1st Team- Adam Swift

Wakefield 1st team-Lee Gaskell

Leigh 1st Team- Aaron smith

Huddersfield 1st Team-Josh Jones

Salford 1st team – Deon Cross
Reserves -Jack Stevens

Warrington Scholarships -Harry Knight, Ben Warburton

Widnes 1st team-Ant Walker, Danny Craven, Max Roberts

Whitehaven-David Eccleston

Swinton Lions-Jake Spedding, Jordon Case, Liam Cooper

Barrow -Danny Langtree

Division 1
Rochdale-Owen Blackwood
North Wales crusader-Paul Nash, Alex Eckley